The products shown here are software solutions that will transform your business.



Product Configurator from e-Con Solutions

Research shows that 70% of companies cannot provide their prospects with a quote within 24 hours.

In today’s instantaneous world, what is this costing you in sales?

The Product Configurator from e-Con Solutions solves this and many other common problems.

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Product Information Management system from Perfion

Research shows that 87% of customers leave a website because they could not find the product information they need.

What does this mean for your business? 

The Product Information Management system from Perfion solves this and many other common problems.

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"All in one" Website, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing from DynamicWeb

Research shows that almost 90% of customers prefer a company’s website as a place to research products. With so much depending on the online user experience, what are you providing your customers? 

The “All in One” website + eCommerce + Digital Marketing solution from DynamicWeb provided by Carrot Solutions in Australia will enable you to provide a great user experience.

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Document Capture from Continia

Research shows that annualised savings achieved by early payment of invoices is 11.7%*

Document Capture from Continia will enable your company to achieve this as well as solving many common invoice processing problems.

*Ball, Bryan. “Leaders’ Winning Strategies for Common Issues in AP and AR.” Aberdeen Group, October 2014.

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Expense Management from Continia

Research shows that on average it takes 20 minutes to complete one expense report and $58 to process it.  19% have errors which take 18 minutes to correct it and $52 to process.  You don't need to be Einstein to realise processing expenses is costly.

Expense Management from Continia streamlines the processes of completing and processing employee expenses and saves you a lot of money in the process

*Source: Survey by GBTA Foundation and HRS, 2015.

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Visual Planning from AXtension

How happy is your production manager with the scheduling tool they have?  Do they have to export information to Excel or Project to be able to do their job?  What if they had everything they needed right inside Dynamics?  They’d love you for it and you’d get great results.  Interested to know more?

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Content Gate from AXtension

Research has found that 70% of all information in a business environment is unstructured*.  This means there is an awful lot of important documents floating around your business making it very difficult for users to find the most up-to-date piece of information they need to do their job well.

Content Gate from AXtension solves this and many other related document management issues.

*Freeform Dynamics

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