Carrot Solutions at Summit 2017

Carrot Solutions at Summit 2017

We have a booth at Microsoft Australia Summit 2017 because at Carrot Solutions, we love to help companies improve their business processes by providing advice and software solutions that increase staff productivity, reduce operating costs, and provide potential for growth.  All of which help companies be healthy and provide outstanding customer service. 

We're pleased to have "on display" a number of our solutions which provide additional functionality to Dynamics in the following areas:

Sales & Marketing

  1. CPQ
  2. Product configurator
  3. Guided selling
  4. eCommerce
  5. Content management
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Kitting

Finance & Operations

  1. Expense management
  2. Output document management
  3. Invoice processing automation
  4. Document management
  5. Visual production scheduling
  6. Visual project scheduling
  7. Project cost control